Top Advantages of a Career in Cosmetology

Top Advantages of a Career in Cosmetology

For those that love makeup and hairstyling, a career in cosmetology means doing what you love every single day. Cosmetologists will always be in high demand and you’ll never be out of a job. Here are more of the top advantages you’ll discover from an exciting career in cosmetology

Many Career Options

When you become a cosmetologist, your career options are bountiful. After studying at the best cosmetology training school you can find, you can work for a salon or open your own business anywhere you like. You can also become a makeup artist for photoshoots or dedicate yourself to bridal makeup and hair.

Creative Expression

If you’ve always loved expressing yourself through hair and makeup, studying cosmetology will show you all the proper techniques you need to succeed. You’ll be able to recommend the right cuts and colors to your clients as well as experiment with the latest trends. You can also specialize in wedding and prom hairstyles.

Flexible Work Schedule

One of the greatest benefits of a career in cosmetology is having a work schedule that’s all your own. You can choose to work every day, a few days a week or on weekends and evenings. How often you work and how much you earn are totally in your own hands because you’ll be working for yourself exclusively.

Meeting New People

If you’re a people person, cosmetology is a perfect career choice. You’ll get to meet brand new people every week and some of them may end …

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Why You Need an Ultrabook to Maximize Work Efficiencies

Why You Need an Ultrabook to Maximize Work Efficiencies

Did you know that ever since the global pandemic began, over 71% of Americans switched to working from home?

Working away from the office shouldn’t slow you down. It’s a new type of environment but with the right tools, you can improve work efficiencies. One such tool is the new kind of laptop: an Ultrabook.

What is an Ultrabook and how does it help? Discover the answers below with our in-depth dive into the technology behind Ultrabooks and what they offer to improve your work:

Premium Hardware

One of the biggest benefits of owning an Ultrabook is the hardware. Unlike other types of laptops, you get premium hardware right from the get-go. That’s the whole point of an Ultrabook.

Take a look at the Intel EVO platform for a good example, which you can find at A laptop can’t carry the Intel EVO label if it doesn’t come with powerful hardware. This means even the weakest Ultrabook from Lenovo will carry these parts, ensuring both efficiency and power even without having to look under the hood.

What kind of hardware will an Ultrabook carry? Expect the highest quality screens, the latest motherboard, high-grade speakers, and durable metal and plastic casing. This means you’ll get a durable and beautiful Ultrabook that lives up to its price tag. 

Guaranteed Power

Speaking of guarantees, every Ultrabook has to follow a few Key Experience Indicators or KEI. Otherwise, they won’t earn the Ultrabook or Intel EVO platform label. 

What indicators do these Ultrabooks …

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