3 First Responder Careers To Consider

3 First Responder Careers To Consider

Are you looking to change careers and pursue work that you find meaningful, in a way that can help the general public or your community? First responder careers have grown in popularity for a variety of reasons. Take a look at what each one involves to decide if it is right for you. 

1. Become an EMT

An EMT is often the first person on the scene of an accident or problem. You might perform a variety of tasks, from giving CPR to helping someone with an injury. Job growth for EMTs is growing, so there is a good chance of finding work after you complete the necessary education. You’ll likely need some training, including becoming certified in CPR and dealing with bloodborne pathogens. Make sure you do research to find out what degrees and certifications are needed depending on where you live, since some counties and even states can vary on what they expect local firefighters to have. 

2. Work Toward Becoming a Firefighter

A firefighter puts out fires and attends to disasters that occur within their community. They could be called upon if an accident happens or another department needs support. Firefighters need to be strong so they can handle a fire hose, get people out of burning buildings and away from disasters. You’ll need specific training before you can start working as a firefighter. A firefighter academy Texas can help you get the training and education you need to feel ready. 

3.  Get a Job as a Police Officer

Police play a critical role in keeping communities safe and deterring crime. If you have thought about becoming a police officer, it is important to know there is a process that involves interviewing and becoming selected. If you have not already gone to a police academy, the department may pay for you to do so, but some prefer students who have already gone and paid out of pocket. Make sure you research to find out what is required for the area you want to work in.

There are many different first responder careers that might be right for the type of job you would like to have. Think about the work you want to do and what you believe you would enjoy the most. First responder careers are usually in demand regardless of the field, so whenever you feel ready is the best time to jump in and make the change today.