How to Know If Someone Is Hacking Your Phone

How to Know If Someone Is Hacking Your Phone

In this new advent of fast advancement in technology, a lot of day-to-day activities are done on the internet. For many people, access to the Internet is more through their smartphones than any other device. Certain US-Reviews tell that basic activities such as online banking transactions, emailing are mostly performed on the smartphone. This makes smartphones a great target to hackers as access to the information on the phone will mean a lot to them.

Smartphone hackers can be anyone who needs a piece of particular information on your device. So hackers hack phones for different reasons. For a random individual, it could be a family member or spouse, or friend who wants to gain access to private information that is the hacker. Government entities such as the FBI are also common hackers for official purposes such as criminal investigations. Online reviews about cell phone brands also show that some phones are more easily accessed compared to others.

How can your phone be hacked?

Deceiving Messages

Hackers oftentimes use this method successfully. So a user gets a message on his phone, this message will have a link to lure you into clicking. This link is the medium through which they gain access to your phone to scrape out the needed information and the process is commonly known as phishing or smishing. These links are sent in the most obscure way such that the smartphone user does not suspect anything. This act is more common in tax seasons.

The best way to avoid such is by ensuring that you do not click on stand links nor give out your private details unwarranted online.

Use of Open WiFi

As attractive as password-free WiFis are, they are generally known to be unsecured as most of their traffic is unencrypted. This fact alone can make your device a victim of hackers.

How do you suspect you have been hacked?

Reduction in phone performance

If your phone suddenly starts to misbehave as against normal, it is a likely victim of hacking. Misbehaving in this context will mean frequent crashing of applications, sluggish rate as against prior use, having to restart the phone regularly.

Strange activities on the phone

So you are using your phone and there are strings of sudden pop-ups that usually do not occur. This together with activities such as password reset not by you, sign up not by you and the likes makes your phone seem suspicious as hacked.

Noticing activities like strange outgoing calls or marked messages when you haven’t read them should also make you suspicious.

Another suspicious sign could be the fast drainage of battery life. Although, you should deep clean your phone first in cases like this.

Generally, android phones have been noticed to be more prone to hackers than iPhones. Simple ways by which you can protect yourself from hackers would be to avoid doing the things that can expose you to them as listed above.