Top 4 Gadgets Created and Around Us That Are Deemed Useless

Top 4 Gadgets Created and Around Us That Are Deemed Useless

Some prior inventions failed almost immediately, while others have been squashed by competing improvements and relegated to the scrapyard.

Every year, we are all bombarded with tech devices that guarantee to make life easier.

Today, nearly every product manufacturer harasses us with such “modern and sustainable” goods.

However, many of them seem to be utterly worthless and make no sense.

However, these can do the same to the rest of the world, allowing them to recognize that new tech isn’t the answer to everything!

Too often, the most recent gadget is a solution in search of a problem that does not exist.

You probably wouldn’t believe the utter nonsense that manufacturers have to keep coming up with that makes absolutely no sense.

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Let us now look at some of the types of gadgets that missed the mark on their usability and don’t make sense in terms of use.

1.  Foldable phones

We’re not discussing just the flip phones out from the aughts on which you honed your Snake skills.

LG and Samsung both have reinvented the traditional, flat-screen smartphone, transforming it into a gadget that can be rolled up and rolled.

In no time, your phone will be transformed into a tablet. They do appear to be quite nice – but they are not cheap.

The Galaxy Fold from Samsung costs just below $2000, and the LG Rollable is expected to cost about the same.

This reduces the value of the innovation because, frankly, it adds little value other than an aesthetic appeal.

2.  Laundroid

If you wouldn’t want to waste valuable time folding clothes, you can put them in the Laundroid.

This humongous, wardrobe-styled, cyborg-like machine would then fold it for you.

There is also AI and image processing technology built-in, which supposedly allows this spooky device to distinguish between trousers, hoodies, t-shirts, or even your undergarments.

The device’s mechanical system then scoops up the garment and folds it for the next 5 minutes.

If folding laundry consumes your valuable time, this refrigerator tower can undoubtedly assist you, but only if you can justify paying for it.

3.  Jagger & Lewis Smart Collar

It is completely unjust if we human beings are the only ones who can reap the benefits of technological advances.

The strange and new world of pet tech has been showing great promise in influencing the existence of our furry friends.

However, one attempt is the Jagger & Lewis Smart Collar for dogs. This “smart collar will measure your pet’s behaviour patterns and inform you of any abnormalities via an app.

While this may appear to be helpful in theory, as when you end up leaving your pet alone at home for a while like work or a vacation, it certainly means removing us from the idea.

Wouldn’t we all manage to keep our pets happy?

Do you want an app that tells you that your pet is getting nervous and that the best thing to do is play with it?

4.  Kuvee

Kuvee is an intelligent wine bottle that prevents your wine from spoiling due to oxygen.

It crowns the bottle, allowing you to get flavorful wine if you need it.

It’s also clever in that it tells you which wine you’re drinking and allows you to order directly from the bottle.

This almost didn’t make the list, but after much thought, I came to realize that it could be something that people would want to have.

Given that the bottle is capable of closing itself and keeping its contents fresh, right?

But then it occurred to me that, well, I have palms, and the container has a tag, rendering this innovation ineffective and meaningless.


It is indeed one thing to recognize that a tomato is a fruit, and quite another to include it in a fruit salad.

Even though humans have accomplished several of the most incredible achievements in the world of engineering, there are times when our brilliant minds tend to overdo it.

Before you know it we’re eating tomatoes in our fruit salad.

Overall, the takeaway from all of this is that it is critical to creating devices out of problems that people face rather than the other way around.

With this more problems will be countered instead of having useless gadgets.