The Guide That Makes Taking HDR Photos With Your Smartphone Simple

The Guide That Makes Taking HDR Photos With Your Smartphone Simple

Bob Ross once said, “Gotta have opposites dark and light, light and dark in painting.” 

The same applies to photos. Back in the day, older mobile cameras could only produce images with dark areas that were too dark and overexposed bright spots. However, thanks to the modern smartphone camera, we now have HDR (high dynamic range).

With HDR, taking pictures showing details in high contrast scenes has become easier. That said, if you’re wondering how to capture great HDR photos, here’s what you need to know about in-camera and manual HDR.

In-Camera or Auto HDR

There are different types of smartphones, and it seems like every new release comes with more sophisticated cameras. You can even use them for professional photography if you learn a few techniques.

As for high dynamic range, remember that an HDR image isn’t just one picture. It’s two or more images taken at different exposures. 

Now, your smartphone has an Auto-HDR feature. You only need to click it, and your phone’s camera will do all the work.

If you’re not satisfied with your phone’s HDR setting, you can download apps on the App Store or Google Play.

Manual HDR 

If you’re an aspiring photographer and feel like using your phone’s in-camera HDR is cheating, you can try taking manual HDR photos.

However, it can be a complicated process. You have to take many pictures at different exposures, and you need to invest in a good tripod and processing software. 

Don’t be upset if your HDR images don’t come out perfect. It takes time and practice. If you want to get better faster, take many photos, especially landscapes and portraits.

Some Tips for Taking HDR Photos

HDR is best for non-moving subjects. It’s also best to learn ways to compensate for low light conditions.

If you love taking night photos, you have to do something about lighting. Otherwise, your images won’t pop. 

It’s also not a good idea to rely on HDR all the time. If you want to break into the photography industry, you have to know when to use it and when not to, more so for scenes that are already pulsating with vibrant colors. 

Now for beginners, here’s one tip to keep in mind. Take a picture of the same scene with and without HDR to show the contrast between what is and isn’t possible with the Auto-HDR feature. It’s also worth learning how to resize photo for Instagram if you plan to use the platform to showcase your HDR photography skills.

Ready, Set, Click!

Did you find yourself more curious about HDR photography? Are you going to take more HDR photos from now on?

If you answered yes to both, that’s fantastic. Be sure to take tons of pictures with your phone or your camera or both. 

There are helpful guides online for more photography tips, or you can check out our other posts. We also have other tech stuff you may be interested in learning more about, so please feel free to stick around and browse our site.