What is Cloud Hosting?

What is Cloud Hosting?

When it comes to web hosting, one buzz word keeps circulating – The Cloud! Cloud hosting is the latest trend of the hosting industry, and it is constantly heralded as the next phase in computing services. We will do our best to demystify this concept for you.

So, what is cloud hosting all about?

Cloud hosting is a way to create an extremely customizable hosting environment. Cloud Hosting Services provides virtual servers, which exist on an infrastructure of physical web servers. Using this method, users and businesses can “lease” the services they require, without investing in their own hardware. This type of service follows the school of computing resources as a service – just like electricity or gas. With cloud computing or cloud hosting, you can choose exactly which services you need, and modify these services in the future, as your needs and hosting requirements alter.

Some Indian hosting companies provide cloud hosting services, mainly to small and medium-sized businesses, due to the clear advantages they offer:


In cloud-style hosting, your data is not hosted on one single server, but rather on an infrastructure of a physical server network. If one of those servers goes offline, it might reduce some of the available resources on that cloud, but your site will remain online, completely, or mostly unaffected.

Some cloud hosting providers have data centers in different locations, which means even your data will be available even one of these facilities go down completely. This is a benefit that can’t be offered when relying on shared hosting or dedicated hosting solutions.


Cloud services often offer high-level security, for either virtual data or for physical facilities themselves.


This is where cloud hosting shines. The flexibility afforded by cloud hosting services is unparalleled. Resources are made available in real time and are not limited by the capabilities of one single server or even several servers. When you’ll need those extra resources, due to a sudden spike in traffic, or implementation of new features or services on your site, these resources will mostly be available quickly, tailored to your specifications.

Flexible pricing and affordability

You pay only for what you actually use, no more, no less. With this model, there are no wasted resources – You won’t pay for unused servers, and you can always increase your usage according to your financial abilities.

At this point, it is obvious why cloud hosting can be superior in some cases, especially for medium-sized businesses with increasingly changing web hosting requirements and demands. It is clear why so many experts regard cloud computing as the technology of the future – with these types of advantages, the day we use cloud systems for all our computing needs – web hosting and more – are not faring away. It’s most probable that in the next few years, personal computers will be replaced by cloud terminals completely.