2 Most Innovative Energy Technology of Tomorrow

2 Most Innovative Energy Technology of Tomorrow

The ever increasing energy greed/need has forced the scientists to look beyond the conventional sources of energy and innovate something which may prove as the Energy Nirvana. The spiraling consumption of conventional energy has resulted in the gradual degradation of the quality of air & water which may prove life-threatening for future generations. The solution is to focus on renewable sources of energy i.e. Green Technologies.

There are indeed a few commendable progress during the past 2/3 years in this direction. Most prominent & innovative among them are:

Bloom Box Wireless Electricity

Bloom Box: It is considered as a magical box of the size of a small bread-loaf which will generate enough power to meet the energy requirement of an American home. The unit doesn’t vibrate, emits no sound and no smell. Moreover, it can be scaled up based on your power needs. It can be pumped with bio-fuel, biogas to produce power. It can also be connected to the conventional Power Grid.

The scientist, Dr. K. R. Sridhar, who developed this technology, claims that it will be present in every home in the coming 5-10 years.

The official launch is scheduled for February 24, 2010, at Silicon Valley. Its success will mark the beginning of a new era in energy generation as it may fulfill the much-needed energy dreams of the millions of remote villages of developing countries throughout the world.

Wireless Electricity: We can transmit sound energy across cities. Can we similarly transmit Electric Power i.e. without wires? The innovation in Wireless Electricity is going to make your home wire-free in the coming 4/5 years. Think of the day when you don’t require a battery or a power cable for your laptop. Witricity Corp. is leading the way in this technology of tomorrow. The technology used by WiTricity Corp. is known as ‘Magnetically coupled resonance’.

Specially designed chip like coils will be mounted in your electronic/electrical device that will act as a capture device. A similar magnetic coil will be inserted into your mains i.e. AC power. Power will be transmitted from mains & will be captured by the device using a magnetic near field.

This technology will pave the way for a battery-less world and in turn help in saving the environment from hazardous chemicals released by billions of battery waste, throughout the world. Hats off to Green Technology.