The Rise of Ultra-Cheap Cars

The Rise of Ultra-Cheap Cars

New cars are typically very expensive, some people are now looking to older or Mercedes A-Class Used Cars as opposed to brand new ones. In order to sell new cars, many car manufacturers are now making cheaper cars.

New cars can be very expensive and tend to depreciate at a much quicker rate than second hand cars or Mercedes A-Class Personal Lease, even with dealer incentives and offers. Most manufacturers are expanding their model ranges to appeal to as wider target customer audience as possible so not to miss out on sales and market share.

The Rise of Ultra-Cheap Cars

A new breed of smaller, economical cars has been born and have grown in popularity, mainly appealing to the cost conscious savers of today’s tough economic climate. Many car manufacturers are designing and building these nippy, mass market models from alternative materials, in different parts of the world, in order to keep production costs to a minimum, maximising their margins.

Below are a number of cars that have been created recently using cutting edge technology, designed to be environmentally friendly, versatile for city driving and best of all: cheap to buy new.

The Tata Nano

The Tata Nano bears more than a passing resemblance to the Smart Car from Mercedes. Many people had concerns over the safety rating for such small cars, but despite it being amongst the cheapest cars in the world to buy, it has still passed safety and emissions ratings and is still miraculously classified as a 4 door family car.

The Chery QQ3

Chinese manufacturer Chery has made another perfect city car for those who struggle to fit in to even the smallest spaces in the city. The QQ3 may be an incredibly small car but it certainly doesn’t cut back on the ‘luxury’ factor, containing key features that many motorists have come to expect from their automobiles. The QQ3 has features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags and electric windows.

The Maruti 800

This car from Indian brand Suzuki Maruti has been very popular mainly due to two important factors: great fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost. With the congestion on Indian roads the Maruti is best equipped for inner-city driving with its tiny turning circle. Its small size makes it extremely practical.

The Merrie Star

With a price almost as cheerful as its name The Merrie Star from Geely Automotive in China is another small car that is popular for inner-city commuters but the Merrie Star packs slightly more power than many of the sub 1.0 litre engines in many recent tiny cars with an engine size ranging from 1.0 to 1.3 litres.

The Haoqing S-RV Mini SUV

When you look at the rest of the cars in this list they tend to look similar; three or five door sedans, the last kind of vehicle you expect to be in this range is an SUV. The car from Haoqing (or HQ) has five doors, five seats and many extra features that you wouldn’t believe are included at the list starting price, including air-conditioning, central locking and power steering.