How Is the Star Rating of a Hotel Determined?

How Is the Star Rating of a Hotel Determined?

The demand to get a star rating is basically to set the anticipation level of their travelers and for additional legislative acts like government subsidies. Globally, the criteria and parameters to provide the accreditations differ from nation to nation. In India HRACC(Hotels and Restaurants Accreditation Committee) falling under the Ministry of Tourism positions the resorts based on certain parameters.

That is the official process, however obtaining the celebrity accreditations function as a voluntary process, hoteliers frequently self-proclaim their star ratings.

But, based on Times of India company news hotels, irrespective of their celebrity status will now have to exhibit their own ratings prominently in their receptions and on their own sites together with the ministry of tourism sequence of classifications.

Procedurally that the hoteliers should apply because of their star rating and also the committee accountable will see and judge depending on the centers provided, how nicely the guests have been served . According to those, they give them star ratings ranging from 1 star to five stars.

The fundamental parameters where the officials give the star ratings are variety of rooms, size of baths, air travel details for guest rooms, public places, details of public places such as lobby/lounge; restaurants; pub; purchasing; banquet/conference halls; industry centre; gym; swimming pool; parking amenities (no. Of vehicles), centers for the differently abled guests, details of Fire Fighting Measures/ Hydrants, security-related attributes etc

1 star hotels

These resorts serve the aim of having easy accommodation with no frills and it will be economical for your guests. Frequently guests have a feeling that one-star resorts will not be neat and clean, but there’s not any need to be concerned about such resorts having to fulfill the needs for a one-star resort, which will be far better than resorts without evaluations.

Some of the fundamental requirements for one-star resorts are as follows;

  • The minimal dimensions of the bedrooms must be 120 sq.ft
  • A fresh change of bath and bed linen daily & involving check-ins
  • Toiletries should be supplied to every guests checking in
  • Hot and cold running water available 24 hours
  • A minimum of one area for the differently abled guests and ramps with anti-slip flooring in the entry.
  • Should have minimal one dining area serving all foods. Room service is not vital.
  • It’s desired and essential to own English speaking front office personnel.

Two-star resorts

Typically two-star resorts are handled by the proprietors and possess the fundamental things to accommodate the demands of the guests. Pricing ranges from 700 INR into 1500 INR.

The above-mentioned demands are related to two-star class hotels also.

Three-star Hotels

A fantastic case of three-star resorts in the FabHotels series. Lemon-tree brand, Red fox resort that’s an economy type resort is also an instance for three-star resorts. Normally, the pricing ranges from 1000 INR into 2000 INR.

A Few of the requirements in three-star hotels Aside from the fundamental requirements are as follows;

  • The minimum size of bedroom excluding bathroom ought to be 140 sq. ft
  • 50 percent Air-conditioned guest rooms ought to be there.
  • The minimal dimensions of the toilet needs to be 36 sq. ft
  • PC available for guest use with net access
  • Parking Facilities must be present for many guests
  • Each bedroom fitted with key and lock, viewport/peephole & inner securing device
  • 1 Multi-cuisine Restaurant cum coffee shop open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and 24 hr. Room support.

Four-star resorts

Fortune resorts series in India is largely four-star resorts. It is more luxurious and spacious compared to 3-star resorts. They have Hoteling software of their own.

A Few of the requirements Besides the basic amenities are as follows;

  • Each of the guest rooms needs to be air-conditioned.
  • 2% of space block using a minimum of 1 pack room.
  • In 4 Star and over resorts, some rooms ought to provide tub alternatives to guests.
  • In-room secure, Minibar or refrigerator is mandatory.

Five-star resorts

These are not your regular resorts, they’re paragons supplying top-notch hospitality providers.

All these will be the epitome of sophistication and luxury. And therefore are adjudged as world class in every way by coddling the guests. Some renowned resort chains are Lemon tree premier resorts and Park resorts in India.

All these are certain features that they have besides the fundamental ones.

  • 1 Multi-cuisine Restaurant cum 24 hr. A coffee store / all day supper, one Specialty Restaurant and 24 hr. Room support.
  • The minimal dimensions of bedroom excluding bathroom needs to be 200 sq. ft
  • Should have officially qualified Heads of Departments, the supervisory or the proficient staff might have instruction or skill certification as follows:
  • Degree/diploma from Central or nation IHM’s / FCI’s or by NCHMCT affiliated IHM’s or by other reputed Hospitality colleges.
  • These resorts also might have in-house physical fitness facilities, Beauty salon, Florist, Bookshop.
  • Swimming pool and convention facilities are also a number of the additional amenities that 5-star hotels have.

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