Hytera 2 Way Radios: How Two-Way Radio and Bluetooth Devices Work?

Hytera 2 Way Radios: How Two-Way Radio and Bluetooth Devices Work?

We are now living in an age where everything goes through the internet. With laptops, smartphones, Wi-Fi, and email almost everywhere, it is safe to say that you can work practically anywhere on the planet. Teams can work no matter where the plant floor, work zone, or job sites are located.

For team members in your area (more or less 1,500 feet line of sight), portable wireless headsets can give the team the ability to communicate with other team members hands-free with full-duplex clarity using a DECT7 standard. For members who are outside your area or miles away, it might be best to use a two-way radio. If it is outside the range of two-way communication, it is best to use cell phones using the Bluetooth connection. Through a wireless headset, companies will have a global reach.

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How does a two-way radio connection work?

There are a lot of ways to connect to two-way radios so that it can be engaged with a PTT or a Push-To-Talk button on wireless headsets. How the team needs the radio will help decide which connection suits their needs. If the team needs to have a one-on-one communication over the radio, then they can use the direct-wire setup.

You can connect the gadget directly to the headset using an adapter. Some wireless headset devices are compatible with at least 400 2-way radio models. If the team needs to use a 2-way-radio device, the best option is to connect it to the ComHub.

This kind of connection is also used with vehicle-based communication devices. In this type of setup, team members can engage in their two-way communication device and its remote user by pressing the Push-To-Talk button. One caveat feature is that since the two-way communication device is a half-duplex device, only one person can use the device at a time.

The good news is, if a person moves beyond the range of DECT7 connection, they can still engage the radio using a direct-wire setup, as long as they remain in the two-way radio device’s operational range.

How the Bluetooth connection works

Smart or mobile phones continue to become popular in work areas, especially since the coverage or the connection has improved in recent years. Although mobile phones provide another means to communicate, it can also present some problems.

Hytera 2 Way Radios: How Two-Way Radio and Bluetooth Devices Work?

When there is no service, smartphones become useless as a communication tool, which is why the DECT7 device is very reliable when it comes to local team activities that are more urgent and will require a real-time feedback reaction. It requires full attention and away from the primary task to answer.

It usually involves more steps compared to pressing the Push-To-Talk button. If the person is using hearing protection, they need to remove it to accept or make a call. Users can overcome these problems with Bluetooth connectivity.

Headsets can pair it with 2-way-radios using Bluetooth for ten minutes after it is turned on. From there, it is just like pairing your phone with your device’s hands-free feature or any Bluetooth-connected gadget. To make, accept, or end a call, just press the Press-To-Talk button.

Because the headset you are wearing can also be used as hearing protection, you do not have to remove the protective helmet or stop working on using the device or its applications. Users can also listen to music, use the navigation system, use Facetime or Skype, and hear any applications as if they were in a quiet room talking with other team members.

Communication anywhere

In this digital and mobility age, there is no excuse for pure connection or communication. When you are working in a job where safety and productivity are paramount, only the best and the most advanced wireless communication device can be trusted, one that is perfectly designed for performances in a challenging work environment.

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A device that plays well with other applications or technology to make sure that the users and their team members never lose track of their work progress. Wireless communication devices with Bluetooth integration and two-way radio will give the users an excellent advantage over their most difficult tasks on the job.